Different Vaginal Odor

Each Woman Has Her Own Vaginal Odor

Every healthy woman has her own noticeable vaginal odor, even if she practices proper hygiene.It is sometimes similar to light fermented milk or musk, although the exact scent varies from person to person.

A person’s individual vagina odor can change depending on many factors, including age, physiological features, physical activity, and menstrual cycle phase, among others.

For example, vaginal odor can change after penis-in-vagina intercourse without condoms. This is because the pH balance of the vagina is 3.8-4.5 and that of sperm is 7.2-8.0. When thy come in contact, the vaginal flora is disturbed. The same happens during menstruation because the menstrual blood is slightly alkaline in nature. This explains the metallic smell you may sometimes detect during your period flow.

There’s no need to get rid of your natural vaginal odor. But if there is increased vaginal discharge and the odor becomes stronger, unpleasant, or fishy, and is accompanied by itching or burning, it’s worth seeing a doctor to rule out any health problems.


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