Myth: Actively Sweating During a Workout Means Faster Weight Loss

If you sweat profusely during a workout, you might see a lower number on the scale later that day or the next. This is where the myth that sweating helps you lose weight comes from.

But the truth is that sweat is a biological reaction of the body to overheating that helps your skin cool down and your internal body temperature to adjust. Sweat is an aqueous solution of salts and organic substances released by sweat glands.

If you sweat profusely without drinking enough fluid, you can indeed loss several hundred grams due to body dehydration, but this has nothing to do with permanently losing weight. As a matter of fact, this “weight loss” is very short-term.

In order to manage your weight, its important to monitor your diet. Losing weight requires maintaining a small calorie deficit and exercising until you are a little fatigued, rather than starving and exhausting yourself.

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