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For your best and quality shopping experience, we’ve narrowed you search to give you the best links you would want to click on to place your purchases on a very affordable price range.

The prices varies depending on your choice of items you would love to purchase. Stay tuned for more updates from us. Thank you.


Tragedy in Texas: at least 11 dead as storm sweep through US South

Two first responders’ were killed and another was critically injured in Lubbock, Texas, Saturday morning after they were hit by a vehicle while working the scene of a traffic accident in icy conditions, officials said.


Police Officer Nicholas Reyna, 27, who had been with the department for one year, died at the scene. Firefighter Lt. David Hill, 39, was taken to a local hospital where he later died. Firefighter Matthew Dawson, 30, was hospitalized in critical condition.

Lubbock Police Chief Floyd Mitchell called it an “extremely tragic day” for the city.

Another person had died in Texas Friday night when a car flipped into a creek in Dallas as severe thunderstorms passed through. Lightning from Friday’s stormy weather was suspected of causing fires that burned two houses by caused no injuries in the North Texas cities of Burleson and Mansfield.Get the The Backstory newsletter in your inbox.


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A man drowned near Kiowa, Oklahoma, after he was swept away in floodwaters, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Saturday. Randall Hyatt, 58, of Wardville, was overwhelmed by rushing water while getting out of his stalled truck.

The Iowa State Patrol said roads were caked with ice early Saturday when a semitrailer on Interstate 80 overturned, killing a passenger in the truck east of Iowa City .


In Alabama, three people were confirmed killed near Carrollton in Pickens County, the National Weather Service in Birmingham said on Twitter. The Alabama Emergency Management Agency said the deaths were caused by an “embedded tornado within a long line of intense thunderstorms.”

Earlier Saturday, in northwestern Louisiana, firefighters found the bodies of an elderly couple near their demolished trailer in Benton, the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office said via Facebook. The winds were so strong the home of the couple, who were the in-laws of a parish deputy, was moved 200 feet from its foundation.

The National Weather Service in Shreveport said a tornado with winds of around 135 mph had touched down in Bossier Parish

Also in Louisiana, Raymond Holden, 75, was killed in his bed when a tree fell on his home in Oil City, crushing him, according to the Caddo Parish Coroner’s Office.


About 91,000 customers were without power in Alabama on Saturday evening, according to Alabama Power. PowerOutage.us said Georgia had about 105,000 power outages Saturday evening, with tens of thousands of outages also reported in Mississippi and Louisiana. Outages were reported from Texas to Michigan.

In Tennessee, Memphis Light, Gas and Water said about 23,000 customers were without power Saturday morning. Damage was widespread throughout Shelby County, Tennessee’s most populous county that includes Memphis, including downed trees and power poles, some of which will need to be replaced, according to the utility.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation reported Saturday morning that portions of several highways in the southeastern part of the state were closed due to flooding. The Arkansas Department of Transportation reported that portions of several state highways across the state, particularly in the southeastern portion of Arkansas were closed due to downed trees and power lines and to flooding.


On Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the National Weather Service warned of high winds and flooding and the potential for 10-foot-high (3-meter-high) waves on beaches, where northern visitors escaping the cold are a common sight during the winter.

Many streams were already at or near flood levels because of earlier storms, and heavy rains could lead to flash flooding across the region, forecasters said. Parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana were under flash flood warnings or watches on Saturday.


The storm, bringing the threat of ice and snow to the Chicago area, prompted the cancellation of more than 1,200 flights Saturday at Chicago’s two main airports. Most occurred at Chicago’s O’Hare International, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation’s online flight-tracking website.

The weather service issued a winter weather advisory, flood watch and lake shore flood warning for the Chicago metropolitan area for Saturday and a winter storm warning for adjacent areas of northwestern Illinois


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For your best and quality shopping experience, we’ve narrowed you search to give you the best links you would want to click on to place your purchases on a very affordable price range.

The prices varies depending on your choice of items you would love to purchase. Stay tuned for more updates from us. Thank you.



For your best and quality shopping experience, we’ve narrowed you search to give you the best links you would want to click on to place your purchases on a very affordable price range.

The prices varies depending on your choice of items you would love to purchase. Stay tuned for more updates from us. Thank you.

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Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in your brain that is responsible for milk production. Normally, prolactin levels rise significantly during pregnancy. As a result, the mammary glands get bigger and develop glandular lobules which will produce milk after childbirth.

A high level of prolactin in non-pregnant women can be accompanied by anovulation, missed periods, and conception difficulties. Possible causes of high prolactin levels include thyroid gland abnormalities, stress, taking certain medications, or neoplasms in the pituitary gland. These conditions require additional examination and treatment by a gynecologist


A tilted (tipped backward) uterus can be either congenital or acquired. About one in four women have a tilted uterus and it is more common among women who have had children.

The uterus can become tilted when you are born, or it could be the result of pregnancy or pathological changes from endometriosis, adhesion (s), or infections.

If your doctor has told you have a tilted uterus, think of it as a special feature. As a general rule, this conditions does not require treatment or affect your period or ability to conceive and give birth.

Among the possible symptoms of a tilted uterus are:

  • pain in certain positions during sex
  • changes in menstrual flow
  • increased pain during your period

If your uterus became tilted after pregnancy or another condition, it’s best to consult a specialist to find the cause.


‘It was touch and go’: Man develops life-threatening infection after using nail to remove popcorn from teeth

A British man underwent open-heart surgery after developing a dangerous infection after he used a nail when trying to remove a piece of popcorn from his teeth.

Adam Martin, a father of three from Cornwall, England was watching a movie with his wife in September 2019 when he felt a piece of popcorn get stuck in his teeth. The 41-year-old firefighter tried for three days to remove the uncomfortable piece of popcorn, using everything from a toothpick and pen lid, and even turned to unconventional items such as a nail and piece of wire. In the process, Martin caused damage to his gums, which led him to develop a near-fatal infection.

Doctors ultimately diagnosed Martin with endocarditis, an infection of the tissue lining the inside of the heart, also known as endocardium, caused by bacteria. According to Healthlink B.C, endocarditis can lead to heart failure, heart attack, heart rhythm impairment, stroke, multi-organ infection, and can cause abscesses to develop on the heart if not treated immediately.

When caught early, endocarditis can be treated with several weeks of antibiotics. A scan of Martin’s chest revealed that the infection had caused severe heart damage that required seven hours of open heart surgery to repair his mitral valve and completely replace his aortic valve.

“My heart was not properly working anymore. It was essentially wrecked,” he said of his deteriorated health. “The infection had eaten the valves away.”

Martin, now on the mend, believes the entire health scare could have been avoided had he not damaged his gums trying to remove the piece of popcorn.
“If I had gone to the dentist in the first place then none of this would have happened. At one point it was touch and go. It was the worst experience of my life,” Martin shared. “I wasn’t far off death’s door and I am extremely lucky. The popcorn stuck in my teeth is the only possible cause I can think of. I am never eating popcorn again. It’s crazy to think all of this happened because of that. It was something so trivial.”


Feeling sad or tearing up after unforgettable sex is common is common. About 46% of women report feeling down after they orgasm. Why does this happen?

During orgasm, the “happiness hormones” called endorphins are released, creating strong positive emotions. Once the peak of enjoyment is achieved, your hormones return to their initial state. After the recent euphoric spike, the decline back to normal may result in a mood drop.

Feeling down shortly after sex is normal. The brain will most likely readjust soon.


Is Stress Just in Your Head or in Your Entire Body?

People often talk about feeling stressed as an emotion. In reality., every time you experience stress, it sets off a chain reaction that affects your entire body, not just your feelings.

When you experience stress, the nervous system alerts the endocrine system to start producing the stress hormones responsible for the fight-or-flight response – the body’s system for high alert. Respiration is increased to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream more quickly. The circulatory system accelerates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles to prepare them for fighting or fleeing.

Small amounts of stress aren’t harmful, but chronic and persistent states of stress can have long-term health consequences. You can consult a doctor or therapist for professional advice on managing stress.


Myth: Actively Sweating During a Workout Means Faster Weight Loss

If you sweat profusely during a workout, you might see a lower number on the scale later that day or the next. This is where the myth that sweating helps you lose weight comes from.

But the truth is that sweat is a biological reaction of the body to overheating that helps your skin cool down and your internal body temperature to adjust. Sweat is an aqueous solution of salts and organic substances released by sweat glands.

If you sweat profusely without drinking enough fluid, you can indeed loss several hundred grams due to body dehydration, but this has nothing to do with permanently losing weight. As a matter of fact, this “weight loss” is very short-term.

In order to manage your weight, its important to monitor your diet. Losing weight requires maintaining a small calorie deficit and exercising until you are a little fatigued, rather than starving and exhausting yourself.

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